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Review about Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey)

Suleyman Demirel University is a state university which was founded in 1992 on a strong based higher education system in Isparta, Turkey. Isparta- is a city in western Turkey and the capital of Isparta Province. It’s famous for it’s roses, lilac and Turkish carpets. Suleyman Demirel University named after the 9th President of Turkey – Sami Süleyman Gündoğdu Demirel . SDU is one of the prominent higher education institutions with its academic units that it has today, instructors and the number of students, physical capacity and scientific research, social, cultural and sport activities. It has 18 faculties giving undergraduate education, and also 3 high schools, 20 vocational schools give associate degrees, 6 institutes give graduate educations and 46 research and application centers.
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