Department of Criminal Law Disciplines

          History of department of criminal law disciplines 

of L.N. Gumilyov ENU 

Creation and history of development of department of criminal law disciplines

The department of criminal law disciplines was founded in 1999 under the leadership of d.j.s., professor Baltabayev Kuanysh Zhetpisovich (ex–member of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

He during the period since 1999-2000yy. directed law faculty. K.Zh. Baltabayev put a lot of effort on creation of department of criminal law and process (the present department of criminal law disciplines), opened specialized offices on disciplines of criminal law and process.

The department is proud of the fact that in different years the faculty of department entered the Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, d.j.s., professor Rogov I.I., deputy of mazhilis of Parliament of RK, d.j.s.. professor Bychkova S. F., ex-judge of the Supreme Court of RK, d.j.s. Yurchenko R.N., c.j.s. Kasimov A.A., former deputy General Prosecutor of RK c.j.s. in Law Sembin B.A., chief expert of the Office of the Senate of Parliament of RK of ю. N of Sartayev N.A., ex-– the Chairman of the Committee of science MAUN RK, ю. N, professor Ongarbayev E.A. – nowadays the first vice rector of Academy of Law enforcement agencies at GP RK, the chief researcher of Scientific Research Institute KNB RK, d.j.s., professor Skakov A.B. is nowadays professor of this department, ex- the vice-chairman of CCIS Ministry of Internal Affairs RK c.j.s., associate professor Akkulev A.Sh., the chief of staff of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, d.j.s., Temerbekov A.A., former dean of law department, c.j.s., Utenov Zh.Zh. and etc.

In different years the department was headed by d.j.s., professor Ongarbayev E.A. (2001-2003), c.j.s., associate professor Wozniak O.A. (2003-2004), d.j.s., professor Baltabayev K.Zh. (2004 - 2005), c.j.s., Malygina M.G. (2005-2006), from 2006 to 2007 the department was transformed and successfully was a part of department of "Jurisprudence" which was headed by d.j.s., professor Kosanov Zh.H., further department directs d.j.c., professor Rakhmetov S.M. (2008 - 2009), c.j.s., Aysin S.B. (2009), c.j.s., Akylbekova G.B. (2009-2010), c.j.s., associate professor Karabayev F.Zh. (2010-2011), c.j.s., associate professor Muratkhanova M.B. (2011 - 2012), from July 2012 to October, 2013 department headed d.j.s., professor Baltabayev Kuanysh Zhetpisovich.

From October, 2018 to nowadays c.j.s., professor Sembekova Bakitkul Raktayevna who was earlier heading educational work of law faculty manages educational department.

Personnel capacity of department and specialty 

(structural changes).

 Today the department is a powerful scientific and educational kernel of faculty which part 4 doctors legal sciences, the famous scientists of Kazakhstan, professor are: Akhpanov Arstan Nokeshevich (ex-the manager of the sector of department of a law-enforcement system of Administration of the President of RK), Baltabayev Kuanysh Zhetpisovich, Ongarbayev Erkin Anuarovich (the first vice rector of Academy of law enforcement agencies), Smatlayev Bauyrzhan Mamytbekovich (the ex-prosecutor of the Atyrau region), c.j.s., professor Sembekova Bakitkul Raktayevna and also c.j.s., associate professors Baymoldina Svetlana Malikovna, Muratkhanova Meruert Beysenovna, Ashimova Elnara Ashimovna, Mergembayeva Nurgul Bergaliyevna, PhD Balgymtaev Aset Oralgazyevich, Daurembekov Erlan Kurmanaliyevich, the senior teacher Drokin Yury Nikolaevich, Salienko Vasilii Vasilievich.

In 2015 professors of department are awarded the following state awards:

- Baltabayev K.Zh., Smatlayev B.M. a commemorative medal in "20 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

- Karzhaubayev E.K. breastplate "Honourable educator".   

The degrees of department makes up to 80%.

Educational methodical work. 

Educational – methodical activity of department is carried out by way carrying out educational–methodical seminars, publication educational, educational-methodical a grant, the textbook and monographs, are in recent years published:

- monograph of d.j.s., professor Karzhaubayev E.K. "Kazakhstan Respublikasynda azamattyk kogamnyn’ kalyptasuy";

- monograph d.j.s, professors Akhpanov A.N. and Amirgaliyev A.A. on a subject: "Function of judicial control over judicial criminal proceedings in RK";

- monograph of d.j.s., professor Akhpanov A.N., etc. on a subject: "Actual issues of modernization of the main beginnings of the Kazakhstan criminal proceedings". Institute of the legislation of RK, Astana. – 11.63 p.p.;

- monograph c.j.s., of associate professor Baymoldina S.M. "Criminal and criminological problems of fight against violations of intellectual property rights";

- methodical grant of d.j.s., professors Smatlayev B.M. "Prosecutors’ supervision in RK". "LAMBERT Academic Publishing". - 69 pages.

- manual by professor Sembekova B.R. "Investigation of violent crimes against the personality";

- manual by professor Smatlayev B.M. and senior teacher Tashchanova A.M. "Public prosecutor's supervision in RK", "Proof and proof";

- Comment on the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan of professors Baltabayev K.Zh. and Skakov A.B.;

- textbook by professor Baltabayev K.Zh. "Criminal law of RK (general and special part)"

- the manual in co-authorship of teachers Skakov A.B., Muratkhanova M.B., Balgyntayev A.O., and Karipova A.T. "Latent crime: methodology of a research and practice of application".    

- manual of d.j.s., professor Tleukhan R.K. on a subject: "Some issues of development of mediation in Kazakhstan";

History of development of science

 (scientific researches of teachers, students, undergraduates and doctoral candidates)

 Scientific activity of department of criminal disciplines is carried out by way scientific a research, holding the international scientific and practical conferences, round tables, a seminar – trainings, the invitation of prominent foreign scientists for reading a lecture to students, undergraduates and PhD to Doctoral candidates and also joint scientific consultation of PhD of doctoral candidates.

At department under the leadership of d.j.s., professor Akhpanov A.N. functions a permanent theoretical seminar. Scientific circles in various scientific directions act on department. Under the scientific guide of professor Baltabayev K.Zh. the scientific circle "Criminal law" works. On scientific the management c.j.s., professor Sembekova B.R. is carried out a scientific circle on a subject: "Current problems of criminalistics". On scientific the management c.j.s., associate professor Baymoldina S.M. is carried out a scientific circle on a subject: "Current problems of fight against corruption". On scientific the management c.j.s., associate professor Muratkhanova M.B. is carried out a scientific circle on a subject: "Current problems of criminal law".

During 2012-2014 under the leadership of ю. N, professor Skakov A.B. the department successfully implemented two scientific projects financed by MAUN RK:  

1) "Prevention of crime in penal institutions of Kazakhstan";

2) "Theoretical bases of a research and analysis of latent crime of Kazakhstan".

The amount of financing for the entire period was 12 million tenges. The leading teachers of department were a part of research group.

Following the results of implementation of the project scientific articles and reports on research subjects were published educational a grant. And also the research group held 2 scientific seminars "Criminal policy and latency of crime" (on December 25, 2012), "Penitentiary prevention: theoretical justification and problems of realization in the context of achievement of the goals of criminal penalty" (on December 14, 2012). 

During the period from 2018 to 2020 under the direction of the manager department CLD, c.j.s., Sembekova B.R. professor is conducted work on the scientific project, financed by MES RK, on a subject: "Terrorism as threat of national security: improvement of criminal policy in the system of counteraction of RK". The amount of financing for the entire period was 18 million tenges. Research group of this project the leading scientists and teachers of department entered.

Professors of department is chairmen and members of dissertation councils: 

- in 2013 professor Baltabayev K.Zh. the chairman of dissertation council in the specialty "6D030100-Jurisprudence"; 

- in 2014 and 2015 professor Ongarbayev E.A. the chairman of dissertation council in the specialty "6D030100- Jurisprudence";

- from 2014 to 2019 professor Skakov A.B. the member of dissertation council at ministry of Internal Affairs Republic Academy Belarus, the member of the Ryazan dissertation council of the Russian Federation, etc. 

The solution of VAK of Russia in 2015 professor Skakov A.B. gained the diploma of "professor".    

Every year the number of scientific articles grows in magazines with a high impakt – the factor, published more than 10 scientific articles in the magazines entering into Scopus base including in collaboration with the leading foreign professors now.

Students, undergraduates and PhD doctoral candidates of department of criminal disciplines regularly participate in various scientific and practical conferences, the Olympic Games, seminars, round tables, the students prepared by teachers of department take prizes in the Republican and Regional Olympic Games among students of legal specialties, the devoted memory of the academician Zh.S. Akylbayev which passed in the Karaganda university "Bolashak" (Karaganda) are prize-winners of "Fund of the First President" and other awards. 

During the period from 2014 to 2015 teachers and doctoral candidates of department Balgyntayev A.O., Amirgaliyev A.A., Sydykova A.E. defended doctoral dissertations for a degree of the Doctor of PhD.