Department of International Law


Information about the Department

In 2003, the Constitutional and International Law Department at the Faculty of Law of the ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov was established under the leadership of the dean, the Doctor of Law, Professor Sarsembaev M.A . Since that time, the training of specialists of international law under the bachelor's program has begun. In 2004, the Master's Degree in International Law was opened.

Head of the department was Ph.D., Associate Professor Ishchanova GT, currently Doctor of Law, Professor, specialist in private international law, PhD in 2003,; from 2004 to 2005. - Ph.D. Kozhumratova FA; from 2005 to 2006 - Ph.D., Associate Professor, Professor of ENU. L.N. Gumilyova Kulzhabaeva Zh. O .; from 2006 to 2007. - Ph.D. Ormanova A.Sh .; from 2007 to 2008 - Ph.D. Kozhumratova F.A.

Since September 2008, the newly formed specialized department of International Law started its activity, and from that moment it was headed by Doctor of Law, Professor Abaideldinov E.M. From 2014 to the present time - Doctor of Law, Professor Tlepina Sh.V.

Since 2003 up to the present time, experienced specialists, master of international law, senior lecturers Zukai Zh.Z., Murzagaliev E.Ch., Seidesh B.B. are working at the faculty. Since 2007 - Senior teacher Iskakov Zh.T. In 2008, the Candidate of Sciences, senior lecturers Karabaev F.Zh., Sabirov AS, Irzhanov AS, in 2010. - Ph.D., Abdrasulova G.E., PhD Sarsenov M.A joined. In 2011, the staff of the department included senior teachers Daueshova A.E., Ensebayeva G.B., Orazgaliev S.M., Aytenova L.M., PhD Niyazgulov D.T; in 2013 - doctor of jurisprudence, professor Tlepina Sh.V., candidate of jurisprudence. Sarsenova S.N, Masters of International Law teachers Nurkenkyzy P.N, Zhunusbekova A.Zh .; in 2015 - Ph.D. Sattarova G.S, teacher Bulatov G.S., Doctors PhD Kurbanova M.N., Kulikpaeva M.Zh., Shakhmova AA, doctoral student of Cambridge Orazgaliev S.M, doctoral students of ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov Iskakova Zh.T., Kala N.S., Musakhan A., Masters of International Law and Juridical Sciences Akshalova R.D., Abenova D.B,. Nurkenkyzy P., Zhunusbekova A., Kudaibergenov A.K., Kostyannaya Yu.S. are graduates of the department. Sabirov A.S. is a graduate of Cambridge University, Aytenova L.M. - Graduate School of Public Administration, Speyer (Germany). Kurbanova M.N. and Niyazgulov D.T. were trained in doctoral studies at the Royal College of London (UK). Musakhan A. graduated from the magistracy of the University of Bremen. Graduate of the Faculty of Law, senior teacher Orazgaliev S.M. in 2012 entered the doctoral studies of Cambridge University. In 2016, the staff of the department was replenished by the graduates of the international program "Bolashak" - graduates of the UK universities - Akina G.Zh., Azhikhanova A.B, Nuralina A.N, Ramazanova A.N; France - Kulmaganbetova Zh.E.

The training is conducted in the bachelor's degree in the specialty "5В030200 - International Law", in the Master's degree in the specialty "6М030200 - International Law". In 2011, Doctor's degree was opened in the specialty "6D030200 - International Law". The first reception was carried out in 2013. One of the first doctoral students of the PhD specialty international law became Iskakova Zh.T. Senior teachers Murzagaliev E.Ch., Seydesh B.B. are graduate students of the International Law Department of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow). In the state and part-time there are over 20 teachers. They are - 4 doctors of law, 6 candidates of law, 3 doctors PhD, 9 masters of law. Among the members of the department there are a number of well-known scientists in the field of international public and private international law, such as Doctor of Law, Professor Sarsembaev M.A., Abaideldinov E.M.; Candidate of jurisprudence, associate professors Kulzhabaeva Zh.O., Sabirov A.S. and etc.; leading scientist in the field of labor law, Doctor of Law, Professor Nurgalieva E.N.; known scientist in the field of theory and history of state and law, Doctor of Law, Professor Tlepina Sh.V. Doctoral candidates and candidates of law sciences, professors M. Sarsembaev, E. Abaideldinov, Zh.O. Kulzhabaeva, and foreign scientific advisers: Doctor of Law, Professor of Peoples' Friendship University and MGIMO-University, Vice-President Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC) of the UN Abashidze A.H.; Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov V.V. Komissarov. Named and a number of other scientists - Kashkin Yu.S., Moiseev I.G., Gavrilov V.V. regularly deliver lectures at the Law Faculty of ENU. The consent to cooperation with the department was given by a number of prominent international scholars, including distant foreign countries. Five members of the department became holders of the state grant of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The best teacher of the university": Professor ENU Kulzhabaeva Zh.O. - for 2007, the senior lecturer Ormanova A.Sh. - for 2008, Professor Tlepina Sh.V. - for 2009, Professor Abaideldinov E.M. - for 2010, Sabirov A.S. - for the year 2015.

The faculty of the department participates in many republican and foreign scientific events. The department carries out a large volume of scientific research, including basic research on grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of international public and private international law; European law; the rights of the CIS and other regional associations; comparative law; interaction of international, regional and national law; in the field of judicial power; constitutional law; history of political and legal thought, state and law; developed and published a number of textbooks, monographs, hundreds of articles and other scientific and scientific-methodological works. Graduate of the Leningrad University Ph.D., Associate Professor Kulzhabaeva Zh.O. is the author of the textbook "International Public Law", recognized in 2006 as "The best textbook of the RK for the group of specialties" Law ". In 2021, associate Professor of the Department, PhD in International Law Shangirbayeva B.Yu. has completed her internship at the University of Arizona (Arizona, USA). She began her academic career at the L.N. Gumilev ENU at the Department of International Law in November 2007.