Material and technical resources

The material and technical, and social base of the university is being modernized by updates of the the computer park, laboratory equipment, training and office furniture, sports equipment, purchases of multimedia and printing equipment, conduct of fiber-optic networks, restoration of facades of buildings, current and major repairs in educational buildings and student homes.

In the educational building No. 1 (EAB), where students learn the educational program «International Law», there have been created conditions for teaching students with disabilities and disabled people (there are a ramp at the entrance, and a functioning elevator with access to all floors of the educational building).

Within the framework of the Student's social support program, the medical center, a student cinema (in student's house No. 5), sports sections (football, volleyball) operate.

The ENU Scientific Library is one of the main educational resources for trainees in the educational program «International Law».

The general fund of the scientific library, which is used by students of the educational program «International Law», contains more than 1.5 million copies (146 8 titles) of books.

The scientific library has access to the databases of «POLPREDCOM» («ПОЛПРЕДcom»), «KnigaFund» («Книгафонд»), «RSL» («РГБ»), «East-View», «EBSCO», «PressReader», «EuromonitorInternational» and provided by the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information (NCNTI) under the national license the Republic of Kazakhstan ThomsonReuters, Elsevier, Springerlink and others.

Students of the educational program «International Law» use the services of the AmericanCornerAstana information center, opened in September 2015 within the partnership with the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. The Center provides access to printed and electronic collections, cultural and educational programs and promotes the development of multilingual education. Students and teachers have access to the English-language multidisciplinary informational database of American spaces eLibrary USA. About 30 resources are collected in this electronic resource. Especially popular are AcademicOneFile, GREENR, JSOR, ProQuest, ebrary, which offer scientific articles, books and sites in different branches of science (anthropology, business and economics, computer technology and IT, education, engineering and technology, history, languages, linguistics, law, psychology, religion, social sciences, physics, biology and biotechnology). Also in the eLibrary are collected materials for students and teachers, who study or teach subjects of the educational program «International Law» in English, resources on the methodology of teaching disciplines of the educational program «International Law», prepared plans and projects (

At the International Law Department, the resource center of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) operates. The center is located in room 326 of the building № 1 (UAC). In the center, students have access to scientific and practical literature on IHL and the possibility of in-depth study of this branch of international law.

In the implementation of the educational program, human resources, the activities of support services are important. The role of the office registrar in achieving the goals of the educational program «International Law» is particularly important in the formation and recording of the movement of students, in stimulating their mobility, etc. (Provision OFP PRSP ENU 02-01-01 of January 27, 2016).

The support service brings to the attention of the students the Academic calendar through hanging on the stands of the International Law Department; placements in the Platonus program; informing the advisors of the International Law Department, the head of the International Law Department (the PRO ENU 704-13 «Educational process», approved by the order of the ENU Rector № 1190-п of 21.10.2013)

Recording students for elective disciplines is organized and conducted by the Office with the participation of advisers and heads of departments. The choice of teachers for mandatory disciplines is organized by the Office together with participation of advisers.  The discipline records for 1st year students are organized annually from 25th to 30th August.  

The education of students is traditionally based on the organic unity of the upbringing process. The allocation of educational work in an independent division of the ENU team is caused by the growing role and place in the preparation and comprehensive development of the personality of the specialist, moreover, the achievement of key competencies of the IL EP of three levels.

The department of the IL supports each student of the IL EP at all stages of his education and personal growth.

The work of the tutor in the student group is an integral part of the pedagogical activity and is included in the individual work plan of teacher for the academic year (Regulations on the tutor of the academic group PENU 07-15, approved by the order of the ENU Rector).

Employees of the Office, the tutors take an active part in ensuring the implementation of the objectives of the IL EP. The human resources of the educational environment of the IL specialty are organized taking into account ENU conditions. The internal quality system ensures the accessibility and compliance of human resources with the objectives of the IL EP of three levels.

Students of IL EP have access to computer classes: educational building number 1 (EAB) - 352 auditorium, educational building number 3 (CISI) - 202 classrooms.

Access of users to the information resources of the library is realized through the Internet site and full-text databases of the scientific library

The website of the scientific library: is presented in Russian and the state language. Visits of the library site constitute about 3000 users daily. Through the library website, readers have access to newspapers and magazines, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with new literature and also to use the world library resources in the field of international law.

Studying of information requests and opinions of users is an indispensable condition for high-quality service of students in IL EP. This is done by questioning users in reading rooms, on season tickets, also polls are conducted on the Days of the Department where each user`s search queries are analyzed.

The demand for the library fund is revealed through user service, the number of book out on loan (PRO Procedure ENU 405-16 "Library", approved by the order of the ENU Rector № 11-21 of 27.09.2016).