Training and employment

Professional Internship for Students Studying Ex Professio “Jurisprudence” of the Department of “Civil, Labor and Environmental Law”


A dramatically significant element in educational process implementation, pursuant to the requirements of state educational standards, is the organization and carrying out of appropriate educational internship.

Organization of all types of professional internship in the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law (hereinafter - the Department) shall be arranged and held on grounds of and in accordance with the State Educational Standard ex professio “Jurisprudence”, the related educational program, work plan of the Law Faculty and the Department as well as individual work plans the Faculty of the Department, in the following basic areas:

 formation of instructional support for the attendance of the internships provided by State Education System;

 reservation and revision of work programs for the passage of all types of professional internship;

 introduction of new forms of professional cooperation with internship bases into the educational process;

 ensuring professional cooperation with decision-makers and managers from internship databases;

 development of a set of guidance recommendations for receiving reports and performing intermediate tasks of the Department on results of attending all types of professional internship.

The general student body ex professio “Jurisprudence” of 2020-2021 admission academic year is 166 students. Amidst them, the Department at the levels of education are as follows: bachelorship - 10 students,  doctoral - 4 post-graduate students.

Thus far the Department has ongoing contracts, as well as memoranda of cooperation on the attendance of all types of professional internship with the relevant law enforcement and other law enforcement agencies, and their structural units.


The Faculty of Law has concluded cooperation agreements with the Senate Administration of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Nur-Sultan Police Department, the Nur-Sultan Court Office, banks and other organizations.


The Department possesses developed work programs, guidelines for all types of student internship, approved in 2020-2021. Before undergoing professional internship, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students attend mandatory technical safety TBTs immediately prior to undergoing the appropriate type of internship.

The Department developed a plan for organizing the attendance of all types of professional internship and specific forms of participation of managers and leading employees, law enforcement and other law enforcement agencies in organizing the type of training and practical work under consideration, as well as meetings with students and faculty members in order to integrate educational and law enforcement activities.

In general, the organization and the attendance of students of all types of professional internship in the Department, as well as work with internship bases, are carried out in accordance with the organizational and methodological requirements. All the necessary preparatory and final events, orientation conferences, briefing of trainees, control over the internship, acceptance of reports, are held on time, at the appropriate educational and methodical level.

According to the results of the internship, the heads of the internship databases note the excellent training of students, the high level of theoretical knowledge and professional competencies required by the specialist.

Work on the Employment of Alumni Majoring in “Jurisprudence” of the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law.

The most important effectiveness index of the educational process and the implementation of the goals of educational programs in accordance with state educational standards is the employment of alumni. The organization of employment of alumni in the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law is carried out on grounds of and in accordance with the approved work plans of the Department, Faculty of Law and University for employment. Employment activities of the Department alumni are carried out in the following basic areas:

 preparation and approval of the Department’s Employment Work Plan;

 holding a meeting with students and alumni groups curators on employment issues;

 determination of the alumni body;

 holding meetings with employers;

 preparation of information about alumni (summary);

 compiling of alumni lists of graduation courses specifying the exact residential address of alumni or their parents, and e-mail with a view to conducting a follow-up monitoring of alumni’s employment;

 conducting and participation in the “Job Fair” event for Faculty of Law alumni;

 conducting and participation in the distribution of the Faculty of Law alumni;

 preparation of reports on the alumni’s employment;

 monitoring the employment of Department’s alumni majoring in “Jurisprudence”.

Affairs with employers also held in the form of their participation in the examination of educational programs majoring in “Jurisprudence” and the pilot educational program “Network Lawyer”. 

The Department’s Responsible for employment issues keeps the documentation for registration of events (lists of alumni who need/do not need employment, sheets, distribution protocols, reports, information, etc.).