Material and technical resources




Material and Technical Resources of the Department

of Civil, Labour and Environmental Law


The material base created all the conditions for student learning, research, the publication of scientific and teaching staff, and student results.

The Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law on an annual base updates the Material and Technical Resources: computers, printers, copiers, multifunctional devices, scanners, laptops; equipping audiences with technical manuals (projectors, interactive and multimedia boards, screens for projectors).

The auditorium #229 of the University’s main building was overhauled, equipped and fitted with the reading hall of the Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Mr. Anvar Khadzhiyevich Khadzhiyev. This office is assigned to the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law. Training materials, furniture and equipment were updated to ensure effective teaching of lessons, an interactive whiteboard were installed.

The audience #112 is equipped with interactive teaching methods and equipped with many technical means (computer, projector, wall screen, microphone, speaker).

Every year, the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law increases the number of specialized audiences serving the material base. For example, in April 2017, Yu.G. Bassin Specialized Audience (355 UAC) was equipped and opened for a well-known Kazakhstani citizen, who made a great contribution to the development of the legal system of Kazakhstan.

 Students live in the Student House #6 of the University, where the Student Council holds various cultural, sport events and competitions. And also for disability srudents our university provides with elevator, ramp.

Modernization of the AIS Platonus, which was implemented in 2016 and 2017, made it possible to access additional information, visual, simplified access to electronic systems, such as access to other university resources, for example:,, antiplagiat.enu.kzetc.

With regard to the update of the material and technical resources, in 2016, the Department’s Professors were given two copies of the HP ProBook 470 notebook.

In 2020-2021 academic year the Department of Civil, Labour and Environmental Law was equipped with four computer devices, which were fit out with retrofit equipment of material and technical resources.

The Department’s students, as well as online resources, have the opportunity to use the electronic library of the Scientific Library “Full-Text Electronic Resources” at Students can use the Republican inter-university electronic library http:/ Training materials for students and faculty members are available on the portals and on their website, departments, computer classes, as well as on the Internet and LAN of university. Internet bandwidth is 100 Mbps. The Department has an electronic library, including electronic literature on the disciplines of the department. All educational materials in electronic form are posted on the library portal; each student can access it through a personal account (AIS Platonus

Thus, the material and technical resources used for the organization of the educational process are adequate and meet the material bases requirements.