The head of the state N.А. Nazarbayev in his message "Kazakhstan-2030" drew attention to the participation of the whole society in the most relevant health issues and overcome them, prevention of diseases and promotion of healthy lifestyles; combating drug abuse and trafficking; reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol; improving the health of women and children.

Human health is directly related to the formation of a healthy lifestyle, i.e. the formation of a healthy lifestyle – the key to health. A healthy lifestyle is, first of all, an active activity aimed at the preservation and promotion of health.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle the sports club of L.N.Gumilyev  ENU held a sports festival "cheerfulness and health".

8.01.2019 – 19.01.19 in the Olympics participated by the faculty of the law school.

The sports contest was attended by teaching staff in the following sports:

1. Table tennis – Akhanov A. A., Jesu S. K., Sabirov A. M.

2. Volleyball – Akhanov A. A., Jesu S. K., Aragon B. S., Bulatov, G. S., B. B. Sades, Myrsataev N. D., Tulpanov J. K., Elegan A. E., Aidarova A. A., Sabirova A. M.

3. Togyz kumalak – Myrsataev N. D., Daurenbekov E. K., Soulen N. With.

4. Chess – Janbaev E. S., Myrsataev N. D., Elegan A. E.

5. Sports family-Madeniet Zh. Zhane Otbasy

6. Football - Bulatov, G. S., A. A. Akhanov, Jesu S. K., Aragon B. S., B. B. Shades

7. Billiards - Busurmanov Zh. D., Myrsataev N. D., Akhanov A.

The team of the faculty of law actively participated in all sports and showed good results.