Job Fair-2021 of the Faculty of Law

29.04.2021 per hour. 11: 00 "Job Fair-2021 of the Faculty of Law" was held on the Microsoft Teams platform. It was attended by all graduates of the 4th year bachelor's degree, 2nd year undergraduates, 3rd year doctoral students and employers.

The opening ceremony was held by the Chairman of the Board-Rector Sydykov Erlan Battashevich, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ongarbayev Yerkinin Anuarovich.

Then the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Law, Professor Smatlaev Bauyrzhan Mamytbekovich made an introductory speech.

The following employers were present and spoke:

Employer 1: Senior Inspector for Special Assignments of the Personnel Policy Department of the Nur-Sultan Police Department, Major of Police Dyusetaeva Zhazira Sayatovna (slide presentation)

Employer 2: Deputy Head of the Saryarka district Police Department of the Nur-Sultan Police Department, Police Colonel Marat Konakbayev (at the end of the video clip)

Employer 3: Chairman of the Notary Chamber of Nur-Sultan Aikeshova Aigerim Muratovna (slide presentation)

Employer 4: Asem Temirgalievna Ospanova, Head of the Office of the Akim of Pavlodar region (slide presentation)

Employer 5: Arai Makhmedunovna Kosybayeva, Head of the Legal Department of the YURISTAT Law Company (slide presentation)

Employer 6: Senior Researcher of the Department of International Law and Comparative Law

"Institute of Legislation and Legal Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Aituarova Aigerim Mangazdarovna (slide presentation)

Employer 7: Notary of Nur - Sultan Kurbanova Dinara Kasenovna

Employer 8: Chairman of the public fund "Ana kushagi" Ormanova Altynai Asylbekovna

Employer 9: Director of the Center for professional Development "Go up" Ospanova Aidana Nurgalievna

Employer 10: Qazaq National Product (QNP) Personnel Recruitment and Search Manager Rustam Askarov (slide presentation, video clip at the end)

Employer 11: Hiring Manager (HR Manager) Industrial Innovation Group (Stroiklass) LLP by Zhanna Yelshibayeva (at the end of the video clip)