Online protection of reports of undergraduates of the Department of CLEL

At the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, Eurasian National University during the period from January 20 to March 28, 2020, passed the research practice of second-year undergraduates (scientific and pedagogical areas) of the specialty "6M030100" - Jurisprudence.
In 02.04.2020 a video conference was held to protect reports on research practice of undergraduates online with the participation of the head of practice, members of the commission for the protection of reports, chief specialist of the career and business partnership department (structural unit of the Department of Academic Affairs of ENU) Kilibaeva U. and undergraduates.
The reports of all undergraduates participating in this video conference were heard by the head of practice, a specialist of the department and members of the commission.
Undergraduate research practice reports were evaluated in accordance with the requirements.