A guest lecture with a practicing lawyer took place

On March 5, 2017, a guest lecture was held with the invited practicing lawyer of Imanganova Nigora Salizhanovna, Master of Law, lawyer of the Law Office "Pramgambetova G.O.", member of the Bar Association of Zhambyl Region, Taraz, at the invitation of the Acting President. Associate Professor, Doctor PhD, Chairperson Yessirkepova Madina Meirbekovna.

The lecture was organized in the audience of the 112th educational building. The lecture was attended by 2nd year students, a poly-linguistic group on the specialty "Jurisprudence", the discipline Civil law.

The lecture was held in the form of a trial in the case of the division of property between spouses. Students played roles in the person of lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, judges, the secretary of the judge. Everyone was in his role and defended his position.

After solving the case in a friendly atmosphere, the students willingly asked questions, and also shared their impressions on this topic.

The main goal of the lecture is to show students how to solve civil cases in practice with the application of theoretical knowledge.

We thank the law firm for cooperation