At the Faculty of Law, much attention is paid to the implementation of youth policy as a priority policy of the state, as well as the revival of historical roots in the framework of  "RUKHANI  ZHANGYRU».
So, for example, on October 12, 2019 at the Faculty of Law at ENU named after L.N. Gumilev hosted an event dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the celebrated writer, poet, prominent statesman, founder of modern Kazakh literature, founder of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the RSFSR Saken Seifullin. The organizers were the youth organization “Zhas Otan”, the Creative Association “AVANGARD”: Bakhtalan Ulykhpan, A. Stepanov, G. Shopanova, N. Omirzhan, B. Zykov, N. Ostrovenko, Rassita Bagamaeva, K. Isin, A. Kairdinova, B.Valiev, students of A. Bulatov, R. Elmanuly.
Producer M. Bekbaeva, professor M. Absemetov.
      The event was held in the style of a literary and musical meeting, where participants - young talented poets and prose writers recited their literary works, poems and prose.
     The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Law of ENU. L.N. Gumileva, Doctor of Law, Professor Ibragimov Zh.I., Heads of Departments Saktaganova I.S., Sembekova B.R., Lecturers of the Faculty of Law Baimoldina S.M., curator of the student group Tulepenov Zh. K., young scientists of the law faculty of ENU named after L.N. Gumileva and others.