Rukhani zhaңғyru: Career guidance at school

Rukhani zhaңғyru: Career guidance at school

      On November 12, 2019, at the school of gymnasium No. 5 of Nur Sultan, career guidance work was carried out by the Faculty of Law on the theme: “Rukhani zhangyru: Improving the legal culture of students”.

    The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Law, Professor Zh.I. Ibragimov, responsible for career guidance of the faculty Zh.K. Tulepenov, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law, Candidate of Law, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice L. Temirzhanova.

     The dean of the faculty, Zh.I. Ibragimov, noted that the purpose of the career-oriented work in the school:

-provision of professional support to students in the learning process and the field of future professional activity;

-the development of professional self-determination among schoolchildren in the conditions of freedom of choice of the field of activity, in accordance with their capabilities, abilities and taking into account the requirements of the labor market.