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During the period of teaching practice, work was carried out with two academic groups of the 2nd course (Russian and English languages ​​of instruction). The discipline that was taught during this period by the group with the Russian language of instruction - “The international legal framework for the protection of the rights of the child”, with the English language of instruction is the International legal bases of children’s rights. Courses are estimated at 3 credits each: 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of practice.

By the end of the teaching practice, an open lesson of a seminar lesson with the MP-2 academic group (English language of instruction) was held. The practical lesson was devoted to the topic of “Foreign adoption”. In the course of the lesson, national and international sources of legal regulation of foreign adoption were studied, and a British parliamentary format debate was held on the topic: “Foreign adoption of children: for and against”. This method of conducting a seminar lesson allows you to comprehensively consider a particular topical issue in international law and encourage students to study the topic in more depth.


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Image 1. Discussion of the theoretical issues of foreign adoption