An open lesson of the Youth Game "Model UN" was held.


November 7, 2018 was the youth game Model UN. The UN model is a synthesis of a practical conference and an exciting role-playing game, where participants could feel themselves as representatives of countries at meetings of UN committees. Simulation of the work of the UN unites students around the urgent tasks of international security and development.

Students took the role of official representatives of UN member countries, as chairmen, UN experts. Discussed the topic: the problems of eliminating nuclear weapons. Countries expressed their positions, joined in debates, united in coalitions, and also at the end of the game worked out a general resolution. The model of the United Nations is the synthesis of a scientific conference and role-playing game, during which students and pupils of the senior classes in several official UN languages ​​reproduce the work of the bodies of this Organization, acquire diplomatic, leadership, speaking and language skills and the ability to come to a compromise.

A great role was played by third-year students, specializing in International Law (Kazakh branch), who managed to organize the event at the appropriate level under the leadership of the acting president. assistant professor, doctor PhD Yessirkepova Madina Meirbekovna.


An open lesson was attended by Head of the International Law Department Tlepina Sh.V., Karazhan B.S. and the stuff of the Department of International Law, As a result of heated debates and discussions, the participants in the UN-2018 Model adopted a resolution on eliminating nuclear weapons.