Professor, Doctor of Law Mukasheva A.A. and Associate Professor, Candidate of Law Muratkhanova M.B. completed a scientific internship at Ankara University

Professor of the Department of Civil, Labor and Environmental Law of the Faculty of Law Doctor of Law Mukasheva Anar Abaykhanovna and Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines Candidate of Law Muratkhanova Meruert Beisenovna successfully completed a scientific internship at Ankara University from 11 to 25 June 2021.

Ankara University Ankara University is ranked among the top ten universities in Turkey. The university is consistently included in 5% of the top educational institutions in Turkey.

The School of Law (Hukuk-Fakültesi), which was attended by representatives of ENU, Ankara University, was opened on November 5, 1925 by the founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The first graduation from the Faculty of Law took place in 1928.

Notable alumni: Deniz Baikal - politician and former leader of the Republican People's Party; Adnan Menderes - ex-Prime Minister of Turkey; Ahmet Necdet Sezer - ex-President of Turkey; Tulay Tugcu - ex-head of the Turkish Constitutional Court; and many others.

At the moment, the faculty is headed by Professor, Dr. Muharrem Ozen.

The visit and receipt of the invitation took place thanks to the organization and efforts of a successful graduate of the bachelor's degree of the Faculty of Law of the ENU, Master of Laws of the University of Ankara, attorney Aigerim Bykmaz Sabit. Aigerim is currently successfully combining practical activities with doctoral studies in commercial law.

All expenses associated with visiting Turkey were funded by the state grant «The best teacher of the university – 2020», received by the above faculty teachers.