Open lesson of the student of the department THSLKL Karina Tsoi

On November 16, Tsoy Karina Student of the Master degree of the Faculty of Law, Department of Theory and history of State and Law, Constitutional Law, conducted an open lesson on the subject of the essence and significance of financial control.

An open lesson was held for students of the 3rd year of the Faculty of Economics.

During the lesson, was used the method of discussion, according to which students could either complement each other or confront one another, i.e. to defend their position. A presentation on the topic of the lesson and various cases were also prepared for students.

The students' task was to solve these cases, as well as to present the already studied theoretical material. During the lesson, all students were actively involved in the moderation process.

In turn, the commission from among the teaching staff highly appreciated the level of classes Tsoy K.R., held in strict accordance with the educational complex, and also noted the excellent theoretical training of students.