Open class in the framework of scientific and pedagogical practice of a 2nd-year master's student Esenzhol Temirlan

On December 2, 2020, as part of the scientific and pedagogical practice of the Department of Tiigp, KP of the faculty of law, a practical lesson was held online on the Microsoft Teams platform, by a 2nd-year master's student of the specialty 7M04201 – "Jurisprudence", Esenzhol Temirlan under the guidance of PhD, associate professor Kapsalyamova S. S.

 Practical classes are held for 4th year students majoring in "Jurisprudence" on the subject "Financial law of the RK" on the topic: "General and Special parts of the tax law", "Legal regulation of banking activity in RK". Esenzhol T. determined the relevance, purpose, objectives, as well as the relationship of this topic with the previous one, the place and significance of this institution in the system of financial law. In the main part, the students explained the questions, as well as demonstrated presentations, crosswords, reports: "Taxes and taxation", "Corporate income tax: concept and characteristics", "Legal regulation of income tax", "National banking system", "Regulation of banking activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Special tax regime: concept and characteristics" , etc. Conclusions, analysis, and generalization were made on each issue. In the final part Esenzhol T. he familiarized with the features of the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted testing on the specified material, and also gave ratings.