held lectures CSUT Engineering. S. Esenova in Aktau

Within the framework of the program of academic mobility of teachers "Modern trends in the implementation of educational programs" at the ENU them. L.N. Gumilev, from April 23 to May 6, 2018 at the Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering. S. Esenova in Aktau held lectures and seminars for students and undergraduates of the Faculty of Economics and Law, in the discipline "History of Legal and Political Teachings" associate professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence J. Ibragimov on theme: Political and legal ideas of the Renaissance and Reformation in Western Europe.


The goal of the open seminar was to reveal the specific features of the politico-legal ideas of Western Europe's figures, to determine the relationship of legal and political concepts to the realities of today's days.

 The open seminar was conducted in the form of a role-playing game. The students prepared reports, abstracts of works, booklets of political portraits of Renaissance lawyers such as N. Machiavelli, J. Bodin, M. Luther, J. Calvin, intelligence cards, control cards.

The students presented their reports, answered the online questions, which were prepared and shown through the interactive whiteboard. These online questions aroused great interest and resulted in a lively discussion. Also using the game techniques was shown the analysis of the business mail of the monarchs of Western Europe.



It should be noted that the active participation of students - Seitalyali A., Rakhimov T.), who showed the costume scene - acted as T. Mora and T. Campanello, as well as students - G. Kadyrov, S. Meiramova, A. Bakhytbek A. Akkoshkarova, Tasmadamed A. who took an active part in the preparation of an open seminar.

During the seminar innovative methods in training were used: as intelligence cards, role games, analysis of business mail, gaming techniques and procedures, game situations. Students actively participated in the discussion and heuristic conversation and expressed interest in the seminar. For example, N. Machiavelli's ideas, for example, "that the state's purpose and the basis of its strength is the security of the person and the inviolability of property", as well as the ideas of Renaissance lawyers in determining the forms and participation of the people in the management of the state are reflected, for example, in the Basic Law of our country.

In general, the open seminar aroused great interest among students. The study of these theories and their connection with modern problems of law and the state is also important for the training of highly qualified jurists.

The study of the history of political and legal doctrines is relevant for the reason that a number of problems relating to the state, law and politics have been discussed repeatedly in previous eras, as a result of which there have been systems of arguments in favor of a solution to these problems. In discussions and disputes such topical problems as problems of legal equality, human rights, correlation of the individual and the state, state and law, politics and morals, democracy and technocracy, reforms and evolution were solved. Knowledge of the various options for solving these problems and the rationale these decisions are a necessary part of the modern political and legal consciousness.

Each student was given grades and summed up the lessons.

Also within the framework of this trip, J. Ibrahimov held round tables, scientific seminars, master classes and meetings with the heads of law enforcement agencies and judges of the Mangistau region.