Open lecture on the theme: the Role of the First President in the state and legal development of independent Kazakhstan

         November 29, 2018 for students of the faculty of law associate Professor of the Department of theory and history of state and law, constitutional law Ibragimov Zh.I. held an open lecture on the national public holiday – the day of the First President, on the theme: the Role of the First President in the state and legal development of independent Kazakhstan.

        The lecture was met by students with great interest, it was noted that in many ways the success of modern Kazakhstan is closely intertwined with the name of the First President N. Ah. Nazarbayev, his political will, wise vision, a great desire to make Kazakhstan economically strong, democratic state.


         With name President countries N. A. Nazarbayev is associated with the stabilization and modernization of the country's economy, improving the quality and standards of life of the people of Kazakhstan, the development of a strategy of economic breakthrough and Kazakhstan's entry into the top 30 most competitive countries in the world, democratization of the political system, building the foundations of the rule of law and civil society, the creation of conditions for the realization of human rights and freedoms in society, the preservation and strengthening of interethnic and interreligious harmony. Under his leadership, Kazakhstan is confidently finding the optimal balance between the strength of the state and the development of universally recognized democratic values.

         Wisdom, foresight, determination and indefatigability – probably, these qualities of the personality of the First President of Kazakhstan, as well as the call for the revival and rise of Kazakhstan contribute to the special attitude of many Kazakh citizens to N. A. Nazarbayev. Today N. A. Nazarbayev is not just the President of the country. This is a new type of leader, a leader-statesman, a leader who represents the Republic of Kazakhstan not only in the eyes of Kazakhstan, but also in the representation of the entire world community.