Review lecture of Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines A. N. Akhpanov on the topic

        November 13, 2017 was organized by the Department of Criminal and Legal Disciplines, for trainees of the specialty "6M030100-jurisprudence" of the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies, a review lecture of the doctor of legal sciences, professor of the Department of Criminal Legal Disciplines      A.N. Akhpanov on "Actual problems of reforming criminal procedure legislation Republic of Kazakhstan "in the audience 337.

        Also attending the lecture were: deputy dean of the LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University  for work with students, professor of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines, сandidate of jurisprudence Sembekova B.R., candidate of jurisprudence, associate professor Muratkhanova M.B., senior lecturer of the department of criminal law disciplines Selikhanov Zh.D.