About a business trip of Candidate of Law Sciences, professor Sembekova B.R. - the manager of department of criminal disciplines of ENU of L.N. Gumilev

Within grant financing of the scientific project "Terrorism as threat of national security: improvement of criminal policy in the system of counteraction of RK" the department chair of criminal disciplines, Candidate of Law Sciences Sembekova B.R. from April 25 to May 3, 2019 visited the city of London (Great Britain). The purpose of a business trip was studying of scientific research on counteraction to terrorism in comparative analysis with legislations of Great Britain and Kazakhstan. During the trip met professors of John Philllps, Richard Wortley of Kings college London and UCL colleges. 

At a meeting with professor of John Philllps of Kings college London college and with professor of Richard Wortley of UCL college participated the dean of law department S.K. Amandykova managing department of criminal disciplines Sembekova B.R., professor of department of criminal disciplines Tleukhan R.K. where issues of legal regulation of the public relations in the sphere of educational process were discussed. Besides, attention was paid to questions of improvement of criminal policy on counteraction to terrorism and extremism.  

Professor Sembekova B.R. took a course of lectures of professor of Richard Wortley of UCL college which designated the key directions of counteraction on the terrorism and extremism by results of scientific research which are carried out by their department terrorism localization points are allocated, motivational and regulatory mechanisms of formation and development of terrorism in their region, forms and methods of interaction of the public, law enforcement agencies are noted that deserves attention. 

Professor of Richard Wortley revealed regional features of terrorism and extremism taking into account factors of political, social, psychological character.