About the brain-ring “Erudites” on the topic “Actual issues of civil procedural law”

October 24 this year within the framework of the scientific student group “JURIST of the XXI Century”, the Department Of Civil, Labor And Environmental law organized the brain ring “Erudites” on the topic: “Actual issues of civil procedural law” among 3rd year students of the specialty “Jurisprudence”.

The brain ring was opened by the assistant professor of the Department of the State Economic Establishment, R.T. Beksultanova, who identified the goals and objectives of the intellectual game, presented the composition of the jury.


 Welcoming remarks were made by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law K.S. Abdilov, who emphasized the importance and role of civil procedural law in the administration of justice in civil matters and wished the participating teams good luck.

4 teams of 5 people in each team participated in the brain ring:

The first team of the Jur-32 group - “The court is coming!”

The second team of the group Jur-34 - "Victory Process"

The third team of the group Jur-34 - "Themis"

The fourth team of the Jur-36 group is “The New Generation”.

During the game, various types of cognitive technologies were used, in particular:

1. The solution to crosswords;

2. Quiz "Your game"

3. Resolution of civil disputes (incidents);

4. Intellectual electronic game "Kohal".

According to the scores, the jury won the team Jur-32 “The court is coming!”, 2 place - Jur-34 “Victory process”, 3 place - Jur-34 “Themis”, 4 place - Jur-36 “New generation”.

Chairman of the jury K. Abdilov handed the captains teams diplomas.

Also, all students participating in the brain ring were awarded certificates for participating in the game.