Scientific seminar on the topic "Criminal liability for offenses against property: an analysis of accumulated experience and current trends"

On February 24, 2021y. a scientific seminar on the topic was held at the department of criminal law disciplines: "Criminal liability for offenses against property: an analysis of accumulated experience and current trends". The teaching staff of the department took part in the seminar. The main speaker at this event was senior lecturer Drokin Yu.N., who covered in sufficient detail and consistently the legal, criminological and doctrinal aspects of criminal liability for committing criminal offenses against property. During the seminar, the speaker presented a retrospective and comparative legal analysis of criminal legislation in terms of the legal qualification of offenses of this type, including certain provisions of the relevant decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
During the seminar, the staff of the department, based on the relevance of the issues under examination in the format of constructive discussions were conducted with a critical analysis of certain provisions of the criminal code stipulating the legal basis of criminal liability for theft, enforced with regards to their kinds, and short stories made to the criminal law to strengthen measures to combat criminal offences against property in the last period. In particular, professor Baltabayev K.Zh. made specific proposals for making changes to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan in this direction. Interesting speeches were noted by c.j.s. Mergembayeva N.B., c.j.s. Muratkhanova M.B., doctor PhD Daurembekov E. K.
The scientific seminar was held at a high theoretical level within the framework of cooperation and creative search. Teachers who took part in the seminar made interesting and well-founded proposals on improving the criminal legal mechanisms of liability for anti-property offenses.