On June 19-20, 2018 in room 208 of the L.N. GumilyovENU atwo-day scientific seminar organized by the AIFC on the Introduction to English Common Lawwas held with the assistance of the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law. The Lecturer of the event was the Professor Daim Hazel Genn, University College London.

Professor Genn is aProfessor of Social and Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law, University College London. Professor Genn is a leading expert on access to civil and administrative justice. She currently holds the position of director of the Center for Access to Justice and co-director of the Judicial Institute of University College London.

The course was aimed at full understanding of the principles of the English common law system. This course is part of the undergraduate program of the Law Faculty of the University of London. The course was taught in English without translation.


The participants of this event were the representatives of the AIFCstaff  of the L.N. Gumilyov ENUand other universities, experts, practitioners in the field of international law and jurisprudence, representatives of state bodies and other organizations.