Scientific and practical seminar of the Council of Young Scientists of the Faculty of Law

On November 7, 2017, the Scientific and Practical Seminar of the Council of Young Scientists was held on the topic: "Some issues of cooperation in the field of labor migration and in the implementation by citizens of the member states of labor activity in the framework of the EEU Treaty" with the invited scientist Nadirova Ainur Kuanyshbekovna - Associate Professor of the Chair of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law of KazGYU, Doctor PhD, individual member ILERA ILO UN, Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History.

The main tasks of the Council are to unite the young scientists of the university and to activate their activities to fulfill the set goals, to obtain new knowledge and to integrate their joint scientific activities, to assist young university scientists in carrying out fundamental and applied research.

The purpose of the Council of Young Scientists is the activation of the professional growth of young scientists, the unification of their efforts to develop topical scientific problems and the solution of priority scientific tasks, the development of innovative activities of young scientists.

Organizer: Faculty of Law, Department of International Law Chairman of the CYS of the Law Department, PhD Yessirkepova M.