On April 13, 2014 the Department of theory and history of state and law, constitutional law of the faculty of law held the interfaculty Olympiad in the discipline "Fundamentals of anti-corruption culture".

The purpose of the Olympiad-the development of creative abilities of students and improving the culture of combating corruption, as well as the activation of educational and cognitive activity.

Involved 11 teams of law students, natural-scientific, historical, physico-technical faculty of journalism.

The Olympiad is held in four stages in the state language.

Stage 1-show the goal and motto of the anti-corruption team

Stage 2-each team was given tests under the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 18, 2015 "On combating corruption", checked the correctness of the answers

Stage 3-each team is given tasks for the prevention of anti-corruption, i.e. the team revealed the essence of this issue and made advertising on a special poster.

Stage 4-homework, videos were evaluated on the theme "We are against corruption."

The jury of the Olympiad was attended by representatives of law enforcement agencies, Prosecutor, judge, lawyers, agencies for civil service and anti-corruption.

Teams that won prizes, diplomas, certificates.