International congress: Blischenko congress - 2019

April 13 in Moscow at the Russian University of friendship of peoples (PFUR) hosted the XVII international Congress "Blashenkova reading."

This year the Congress gathered more than 750 participants from 53 countries and 40 regions of the Russian Federation. The Congress was attended by more than 200 scientists and more than 70 practitioners, including representatives of well-known foreign schools of international law such as Leiden University (Netherlands), University of Toronto (Canada), ENU. L. N. Gumilyov (Kazakhstan), pace University (USA), Lund University (Sweden), University of West Virginia (USA), University of Malaya, Neapolitan Friedrich II University (Italy), Queen Mary University of London (UK), Belarusian state University, international University "MITSO" (Belarus), University of Erlangen – Nuremberg (Germany), Adelaide University (Australia), etc. 

The Congress is a platform for discussion of topical issues of modern international law and bears the name of Professor I. P. Blishchenko, who headed the Department of international law of the RUDN for 20 years. Igor Pavlovich Blishchenko is an outstanding Russian Soviet international lawyer, who combined the talent of a prominent scientist and specialist in various fields of international law, international Affairs practice, teacher and public figure.

The XVII international Congress "blishchenkov Readings" was included in the list of official events of the International year of indigenous languages – 2019, which was proclaimed on the basis of Resolution 71/178 of the UN General Assembly on December 19, 2016. 

The International Congress was attended by teachers of the Department of International law of the faculty of Law of ENU. L. N. Gumilev, doctor of law.N., prof Abaideldinov E. M., D. Yu.N., Professor Tlepina S. V., PhD, acting Assoc. Department Kulibaeva M. J. (in Nast. VR. head of the Department of international legislation and comparative law of the State institution "Institute of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan"), master of international law B. S. Karazhan

At the plenary session of the Congress were a member of the UN Committee on economic, social and cultural rights, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, head of the Department of international law, D. Yu.N., Professor A. H. Abashidze. 

The rector of RUDN, the Chairman of VAK of the Ministry of education and science of Russia, Dr. Fiz.-Mat made a welcoming speech. Professor, academician of the Russian Academy of education V. M. Filippov. In his speech, rector V. Filippov noted the latest achievements of the international mission of the University, stressed the importance of international law as a regulator of international relations in a globalizing world in an increasingly interconnected States and peoples. In conclusion, he praised the importance of the Congress, which brought together international lawyers at the site of the RUDN to exchange views on all spheres of human life. 

In the plenary part of the Congress were: Professor of the University of Toronto, associate member of the Institute of international law, lecturer at the Hague Academy of international law (2019) Yu Brunni; Professor of public international law at Leiden University, member of The permanent court of arbitration, member of the State Council of the Netherlands, member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and arts of the Netherlands N. Shriver; Professor of public international law, Deputy legal adviser, Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (2007-2013) N. Blocker. 

The plenary session of the Kazakh delegation, headed by Professor, D. Yu.N. E. M. Abaydeldinov made a congratulatory Address on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Professor A. H. Abashidze. 

An important event in the framework of the "Blishchenkov Congress" was a meeting of heads of departments of international law/European law from 27 Russian universities, in which the expanded report was made by the First Vice-rector of the Moscow state UNIVERSITY. O. E. kutafina, Chairman of the expert Council of the Ministry of education and science of Russia on the right E. Grachev. 

As guests in the meeting was also attended head of the Department of International law doctor of law.N., Professor, S. V. Lepina and Professor D. Yu.N., Professor E. M. Abaideldinov.

Members of the Department of international law – faculty – E. M. Abaideldinov, S. V. Lepina, M. J. Kulekeev, B. S. Aragon students