Methodical decade


"Methodological competence of a University teacher in the context of the development of innovative learning technologies»

From 9 to 17 January 2020 at ENU. L. N. Gumilyov passed a methodical decade. The purpose of the methodological decade is to increase the pedagogical competence of the teaching staff and apply their professional experience in the context of innovative teaching technologies. 

In carrying out this decade was attended by the deans, Vice deans, Chairpersons of teaching materials of faculties, heads of departments, Directors of departments, heads of departments, faculty. 

In accordance with the approved program, on January 13, 2020, teachers of the faculty of law actively participated in this decade. 

The moderator of this decade was the Dean of the faculty of law, doctor of law, Professor Zh. I. Ibragimov. 

Among the speakers were the following: Zharkenova S. B. made a report on the topic: "Innovative digital technologies"; Abildinova R. A. made a report on the topic: "Application of communicative innovative technologies in the educational process"; Drokin Yu. N. on the topic "use of practice-oriented approaches in the process of teaching elective subjects". Teachers talked about what modern technologies are used in the process of teaching legal disciplines, as well as teaching methods that are used for all disciplines in universities. 

After the speech, a discussion was held to discuss current issues and ways to implement innovative teaching methods in the process of teaching legal disciplines.

Also, teachers who conducted open classes were awarded certificates.