Event in honor of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan

May 2, 2019, Lecturer at the Department of Theory of State and Law, Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law of the  ENU Lev Gumilyov Zhenissov Sayash together with the club "Zangar" held an event in honor of "May 1 - Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.

This is a special celebration for Kazakhstan. Our state is a multinational home in which different ethnic groups and ethnic groups peacefully coexist. Therefore, on such a day it is important to demonstrate a warm attitude towards representatives of other nationalities. This holiday has become a symbol of friendship, understanding and harmony. This is the main component of the peaceful life in the republic, in which representatives of about 150 nations and nationalities live. Each ethnic group is unique in its culture and identity. All are different, but all of Kazakhstan. According to the tradition, folk festivals are held in the regions on May 1. In the capital, on the main square near the monument "Kazak Eli" a concert, a theatrical performance and national competitions will be held. Unity Day has been celebrated in Kazakhstan since 1995.