The event by 1 May in honor of the "Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan"

April 30, 2018, the lecturer of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Department of Constitutional Law Zhenisov met with the students of the law faculty on the 1st of May in the Students' House №6 on the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.

May 1 is the Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan. In March 1995, the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan was established as a model for the world, a phenomenon of interethnic concord and stability. It is a unique, politically significant structure that has never been to any country. The Assembly brings together 365 members, more than 471 national, regional, regional, city national and cultural associations, bringing together about 500 small members of the Assembly, providing a genuine friendship with our common home in Kazakhstan. Today, every nation is cared for the modernization of its traditions, culture and literature, and the development of its language. All this is possible thanks to the fact that the President has chosen the strategy of civil society and internal political stability in the society and is able to make effective mechanisms for the regulation of interethnic relations.

Talked about this topic and discussed other issues such as the upcoming ratings and session preparation sessions, students' internships.

At the end of the event S.K. Zhenisov congratulated the students on upcoming holidays and wished success to the upcoming session.