The event of the Faculty of Jurisprudence, the Department of International Law, held within the framework of "Spiritual Modernization"

       February 22, 2018 Head of the Department of International Law, Doctor of Law, Professor Tlepina Sholpan Valerievna gave a lecture on Nazarbaev's article "Orientation for the Future: Spiritual Revival" for graduates of the 11th grade of the Specialized Lyceum for Talented Children No. 82 in Astana and the High School for Gifted Children "AstanaEnglishSchool »№81 in the Kazakh and English languages. During the lecture, the lecturer gave a brief overview of the overall significance of the "Spiritual Revival" for graduates and explained with the help of a comprehensive slide in the section on the talent of general education. Moreover, emphasizing the noble character of our nation, it was pointed out that the desire to be educated, open and cheerful is the quality that is in our blood.

       The deputy directors of educational institutions took part in the lecture. Graduates were encouraged by the lecture, and in the end, a dialogue was held between the lecturer and the students with the help of questions and answers to them.