Master programme student of International Law held open seminar

In the framework of pedagogical practice, on November 6, 2019, an open seminar was held by Anarova Rozakhan, the 2nd year Master programme student of the specialty “International Law” of the Faculty of Law.  Topic of the seminar was: “International terrorism: history and modernity”. 

The open lesson was attended by teachers, undergraduates and students of the department of international law.

The objectives of the seminar were: to study the history of international terrorism and its current situation, to consider international treaties against terrorism and to develop the ability to analyze and structure these documents, to develop an understanding of the importance and necessity of the fight against terrorism at the national and international levels.

At the beginning of the lesson, students repeated the previous topics of seminars on international criminal law: sources of international criminal law, basic international treaties, application of international criminal law, cooperation of states in the field of criminal law and the fight against crime and Interpol.

The lesson itself consisted of two parts. In the first part, students made presentations about the origin of international terrorism and its current situation. Presentations included many dates, numbers, diagrams, and cases, which allowed students to remember the main points of the topic.

The second part of the lesson was held in a playful way and teamwork was carried out: the students joined together in two teams and answered questions presented in an interactive form, gaining points for each correct answer. The questions were from the theory and practice of international criminal law. To consolidate the topic, students solved cases and situational tasks, discussed the topic of international terrorism, citing their arguments.

Thus, throughout the lesson, the interactive teaching method and the moderation method were applied by Anarova Rozakhan , which allowed students to easily and efficiently learn the topic.

At the end of the lesson there was a debate about the future of international terrorism, which left no one indifferent.

Based on the results of the open seminar, conclusions were drawn on the topic and, with the above course of the lesson, it can be said that the goal of the open seminar was achieved.