Lectures by professor from Lithuania for students specialty "International Law"


In the framework of the Program of the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan on attracting foreign professors to universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan from November 6 at the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law of the ENU. L.N. Gumilev is a doctor of law of the European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania) Konstantin Igorevich Ivanov.


Graduate of the Russian State University named after A.I. Herzen Specialty Lawyer - International Law. 2011 the degree of the candidate of law is conferred (was not diagnosed as a doctor of law degree in the Republic of Lithuania)


Author of 3 monographs, more than 90 scientific articles.Visiting professor at a number of universities in the CIS and Europe.The author of educational and methodical complexes and programs, distance legal courses.The author of academic disciplines in Russian, English and Lithuanian languages.

He is the head of the research center for private international law, an associate professor at the academic department of law of the European Humanitarian University (Vilnius).

At various times he worked as an assistant attorney in foreign economic affairs, a lawyer at Worldwide Leasing, a senior lecturer in the Theory of Law and Civil Law Education at Herzen University, a law advisor in the CIS countries at the law office Dominas Derling (Vilnius), and head of the board on international disputes , international arbitrator of the International Trade and Economic Arbitration (St. Petersburg).

Trained at Vilnius University in the Department of International Law and Law of the European Union (2007, 2008), interned at the Department of European Law at the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania (2007), completed a course of European business law in a joint project of the University of Sorbonne, Frankfurt and Vilnius Universities (2008) , Internship at the Center for European Studies, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (2010).

During the visit, Professor Ivanov K.I. will hold a course in the disciplines "Universal international legal mechanisms for the protection of human rights" and "Actual problems of international economic law" for undergraduates and doctoral students of the specialty "International Law". These courses are very relevant and have aroused great interest from undergraduates and doctoral students.

K.I. Ivanov is a foreign scientific advisor to a first-year doctoral student in the specialty International Law Bulatov G.

In addition to the educational process, Professor Ivanov K.I, will also take part in a number of events organized by the Department of International Law: V International Scientific and Practical School on International Law “Actual problems of the theory and practice of international law (November 07-17, 2018); in the Round Table “The Science of International Law for the Strengthening of International Peace and Security” (November 17, 2018); International scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of international protection of human rights", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Law, the 10th anniversary of the Department of International Law; and also will hold a scientific-methodical seminar on the topic "Questions of teaching the disciplines of international law"ю

The Department of International Law is grateful to Professor Ivanov Konstantin Igorevich for his active participation in the educational and scientific process of the department, as well as in strengthening international relations.