the most prominent scholars visited the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law for giving lectures


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From November 5 to December 5 of 2018, the most prominent scholars of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Lithuania visited the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law for giving lectures and conducting master and doctoral specialties «6М030200 - International Law»: Doctor of Law, Professor - Bakhin S.V., Doctor  of PhD - Ivanov K.I.


During the period of visit of professors at the Faculty of  Law, lectures were given in the 1st course of the Master in Science and Education in the specialty 6M030200 - International Law in the disciplines «International, Regional and National Mechanisms for the Protection of Business Rights», «Universal Law Protection Mechanisms for Human Rights»; in the doctoral studies of the 1st course of the scientific and pedagogical direction of the specialty «6D030200 - International Law» in the disciplines «Philosophy of International Law», «Actual problems of International Еconomic Law».

Within the framework of the V International Scientific and Practical School on International Law on the topic: «Actual problems of the theory and practice of International Law», professors gave lectures on topical issues of international and international private law.



On November 23, 2018 professors took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Human Rights, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the 20th anniversary of the Law Faculty and the 10th anniversary of the specialized department of International Law.



At the end of the visit, the professors expressed their gratitude to the Department of International Law, the management of the Faculty of Law, the Eurasian National University for the opportunity of personal participation in the scientific and educational activities of the Eurasian National University.