Curatorial hour on the topic: "Fight against drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse"

         An important part of educational work among students of ENU. L.N. Gumilyov is the prevention of illegal consumption of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, alcoholic beverages, substance abuse. In this regard, the department of criminal law disciplines regularly conducts curatorial hours on this topic.

         So, for example, on February 25, 2021, the curator of the 1st year of the Faculty of Law, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines, spent a curatorial hour with a curatorial group who are in quarantine online in a dormitory.
In her speech, the curator Baimoldina S.M. told the students about the harmful effects on the human body of consumption of alcoholic beverages, illegal consumption of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, substance abuse.

         Also, she said about the legal and organic consequences of the consumption of these harmful substances, the difficulty of weaning from them. In addition, the students were shown a thematic film about the negative effects of alcoholic and alcohol-containing substances on human organs and tissues. This film showed the types of alcoholic beverages, advertising and marketing activities of alcoholic beverage producers, popularizing alcoholic beverages, as well as the stages of destruction of the body under the influence of alcohol.