curatorial hour in an online format with students of the yur-33 group

On March 2, 2021, Nurmukhamed Dauletkeldievich Myrzatayev held a curatorial hour in an online format with students of the yur-33 group on the topic: "KYZ OSSE ELDIN KORKI". It talked about our daughters ' place in society, in the family, and what her upbringing should be like.

 It is undeniable that it is the mother who influences the formation of not only one family, but also one ancestral country, city, and nation as a nation. And today's mother-yesterday's girl-tomorrow's noble grandmother. So, in the hands of today's girls-the fate and future of the entire nation. We bring up the Kazakh generation, bringing up either the case, or the fact that our future mothers-daughters have always watched over their kindliness, or... did the dream of the ancestors who gave their offspring come true? This will be discussed today.


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