The round table" yelimnin bakytyn terbetken – Tauelsizdik "

The round table" yelimnin bakytyn terbetken – Tauelsizdik " was held online on December 10, 2020 on the Microsoft Tims platform under the guidance of N. D. Myrzatayev with 1st year students of the Kazakh Department of law. Teaching staff of the Department of theory and history of State and law, constitutional law were invited to this event. Reports on the theme of patriotism and Kazakhstan's patriotism among young people and poems dedicated to them told about the life of the victims of December. We are glad that on the eve of the holiday of independence, a large number of young people with a sense of independence and patriotism came to the event, which was organized specifically for students.

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Stages of the round table:

- The song started with a slogan

- The song of the December wind is also very difficult for students to imagine the situation at that time.

- Reports were read

- The biography of each Decembrist was told

- Archival documents and materials were shown

- Reflection of Kazakhstan's patriotic education

- We listened to the author's work of dauletkeldy Myrzatayuly "Zheltoksan", the history of its origin and solo performance.

- Discussion, question and answer period.