By the day of the elderly

By the day of the elderly, the 3rd year students of the "International law" and the curator of the group A.A. Akhanov met with couple of Leonid and Valentina Nikifirovs. 90-year-old couple welcomed the students with warm words and began to talk about their life. Those who survived the war, hunger, survived all the trials of life and did not interrupt the hope for a bright future, the elderly now need only attention.

According to them, in the postwar years they decided to move to Kazakhstan. This year they celebrate 71 years from the date of living in Kazakhstan. However, on March 8, 2018, the couple had a 70-year anniversary. They talked about where they lived and what they were doing for many years, about the situation of Kazakhstan in the postwar years, about what people they met.

They showed a photo album with memorable photos, remembered youth and told interesting stories. For many years in Kazakhstan Leonid worked as the electrician, and Valentina worked as the telephone operator and they came to deserved rest. Leonid is ex-the Deputy of the Tselinograd city district and still keeps the Deputy certificate. Students saw that Leonid grandfather was close to art. Showing drawings made at a young age, Valentina said that her husband is very talented.

Leonid and Valentina told how happy they are with the help of neighbors, volunteers and just friendly people. At the meeting with the students they told about the need to be patient and hardworking, shared their life experience. They took pictures with the students and planned another meeting in the future.