Kapsalyamova S.S. and Osmanova D.B. took part in the conference on the theme "Institute of the Presidency: Kazakhstan Model"

On November 23, 2020, the conference "Institute of the Presidency: Kazakhstan Model" was held, organized by school-lyceum №28. The conference was moderated by Zamzagul Zhambulovna Akhmetova, a teacher at the Lyceum School # 28.

The conference participants were: Teaching staff, students of 10-11 grades of school-lyceum №28, as well as a candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law of the ENU. L.N. Gumilyov (co-founder of the PF "Ana kushagy") Kapsalyamova S.S. and (winner of the grant "The best teacher of the University - 2019") Osmanova D.B. other.

Opening the conference "Institute of Presidency: Kazakhstani Model", the moderator Zamzagul Akhmetova recalled that in April 2020 it was exactly 30 years since the official introduction of the institution of the presidency in Kazakhstan.

Kapsalyamova S.S. made a report: "Improving safety and social and legal modernization of the quality of life of children and youth."

As part of the implementation of the event, providing moral and patriotic education of students, Osmanova D.B. made a report: "On the role of the president in the formation of Kazakhstan." In Kazakhstan, the choice of the presidential form of government was one of the first steps on the difficult path of gaining independence. As noted by D.B. Osmanova, the main prerequisites for the institution of the presidency were the formation of market economic relations, the elimination of one-party system, the consistent implementation of the principle of separation of powers.

“In these conditions, the urgent need was to carry out cardinal political and economic reforms as soon as possible, with the obligatory preservation and strengthening of the constitutional order, rights, freedoms and security of citizens,” Dinara Osmanova stressed.