ReedSmith's lecture

On November 6, 2019, a visiting lecture was held by the Department of International Law of the Eurasian National University with the participation of representatives of ReedSmith and practicing lawyers representing the interests of Kazakhstan in international arbitration courts on the topics:

1. Challenges to Arbitrators in in investment treaty arbitration

2. Use of Kazakh law expert evidence in investment treaty arbitration 

The lecturers were Lucy M. Winnington-Ingram and Suzie A. Savage.

Lucy is a lawyer who deals with issues of international arbitration, in particular with regard to arbitration under investment agreements and international public law.

Suzie is a lawyer in a global commercial dispute. She specializes in arbitration and public law. Suzie is currently working on significant arbitration in critical cases in accordance with the rules of UNCITRAL, as well as arbitration in accordance with the rules of major international arbitration services, including the ICC and ICSID.

The following questions were revealed in their lectures:

ICSID rules and national requirements; legal standard in the application of ICSID; Circumstances causing problems in the consideration of ICSID; pre-existing relationships with one of parties or their affiliates; predetermination of questions based on previously expressed opinions; procedure for challenging arbitrators; the role of Kazakhstan lawyers in investment arbitration; the appointment of experts on an investment agreement in arbitration; written evidence; oral evidence in the judicial provision; case studies: use of Kazakhstan legal experts of evidence; jurisdiction; dignity.

The event was attended by the faculty and students of international law department of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov.