Guest lection

22 November 2019 year in General corps of Eurasian National University was meeting of employees with students of fourth course, faculty jurisprudence and international law, which organized by faculty of Law.

         Inviting lector guests was ex-ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan and expert of international law Seitimbaeva Saule Myrzahanovna

The leadership had dean - Doctor of Law, professor Zh. I. Ibragimov, heads of graduate departments, as well as the faculty of law faculty responsible for the employment of S.S. Kapsalyamova, K.U. Orazaliev, Yu. N. Drokin, R.A. Abildinova, A.A. Akhanov, S.K. Zhenisov and graduating students in the specialty "Jurisprudence" and  "International Law".

Seyimbetova Saule Myrzakhanovna told students about the fact that the EAEU today represents a large international economic union, which continues to develop and expand the list of “classical freedoms” within integration education. At present, these are economic freedoms, thanks to which the development of entrepreneurship, the sectoral development of the economies of the EAEU member countries, as well as the development of domestic and foreign trade are becoming less problematic from the point of view of unification of legal regulation and removal of various administrative barriers. During the meeting, she talked about the structure of the organization, about her experience and about the events held.

At the end of the event, students asked their questions and received answers.