Duty of the department TIGPKP KP in the hostel number 7 in the month of February

From February 1, 2020 to February 29, the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law was on duty at the hostel No. 7 according to the schedule of the faculty on duty. During the indicated period of duty, the teaching staff of the department visited the student house daily and met with students of the law faculty, conducted fascinating conversations, talked about practical legal experience, gave lectures on relevant topics, and arranged tea parties.

So, for example, on February 23, Professor Abdrasulov Ermek Bayakhmetovich, acting Associate Professor Mugauova Ainur Izgalievna gave a lecture on Kazakhstan patriotism, as this day is the day of the defender of the fatherland of the USSR, to which Kazakhstan was a participant.

In the process of duty, doctoral students of the department also took part, such as Zhenisov S.K., Tapakova V. together with teachers.

During the duty during the month there were no offenses. The hostel is very comfortable and clean, there are all conditions for study and self-development.