"A just state protecting the interests of citizens"

live on "Kazakh Radiosy" on September 23, 2020 Dean of the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Law Zhamalаden Ibragimov.

On some priorities of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan, the associate professor of the Department of Theory of History of State and Law, Constitutional Law, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Law Zhamalаden Ibragimov reflects on a live broadcast on Radio Kazakhstan on September 23, 2020.

Ibragimov Zh.I. noted that the Head of State said that "The Hearing State" is, in fact, the concept of building a "Fair State". It is not enough just to hear and see the problems of citizens, the main thing is to respond to them correctly and objectively. There is a lot of work ahead to develop new standards to serve the state's interests of citizens. The law enforcement and judicial systems play a key role in this. Reforms are absolutely necessary here.

And also Ibragimov Zh.I. stressed that in 2010 the law "On mediation" was adopted. But according to the President, until now, not a single state body is engaged in its development, there is no coherent state policy. A representative Commission for the reform of the law enforcement and judicial system is being created under the Presidential Administration.

Supporting the institution of public control as an alternative to state control, we must create an appropriate legal framework. The President instructed to develop and adopt the Law "On Public Control", designed to ensure openness and accountability to society of state bodies and the quasi-public sector. In the framework of the interview, the political and legal ideas of Farabi and Abay were analyzed regarding a legal, just state.