The next TWO on-line "GUEST" LECTURES of PRACTITIONERS held on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The next TWO on-line "GUEST" LECTURES of PRACTITIONERS held on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Active work on the implementation of the schedule for conducting "guest" classes with practices for 2021 of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law (TIHiP, KP) of the L.N. Gumilyov is conducted by Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Department Temirzhanova L.A. under the guidance of the head of the department of TIHiP, KP candidate of legal sciences, associate professor Saktaganova I.S.

So, on February 26, 2021, the next TWO on-line "guest" lectures by practitioners for undergraduates of the 2nd year and doctoral students of the 2nd, 3rd courses, teaching staff of the Department of TiIGiP, KP were organized.

The 1st lecture was delivered by Sabitova Asyl Amangeldinovna, lawyer of the Bar Association of the East Kazakhstan region, Ph.D., head of the department "Civil law and civil procedure" EKSU named after S. Amanzholova on the topic: "ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE". Lecturer A.A. Sabitova, as an acting lawyer, shared the problems arising in the practical sphere, and also interestingly and meaningfully told about administrative justice, types of administrative procedures, the main provisions of the new Administrative Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Asyl Amangeldinovna also gave a detailed answer to the questions of the students and the teaching staff of the department.

The second lecture was delivered by Dyachuk Marianna Ivanovna, Director of the Representative Office of the National Chamber of Mediators in the East Kazakhstan region, mediator, trainer-mediator, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure, EKSU named after S. Amanzholov on the topic: "THE LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN" ON MEDIATION "IS 10 YEARS OLD - THE RESULTS OF FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT". Lecturer M. Dyachuk noted that on January 28, 2021, ten years have passed since the adoption of the Law "On Mediation", revealed the problematic issues of the current Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Mediation".

As a practicing mediator, Marianna Ivanovna, first of all, paid attention to the current features of mediation in the field of family relations, criminal proceedings and in cases of administrative offenses. Each answer to the questions of the listeners and the teaching staff of the department Dyachuk M.I. connected with examples from practice.

Both lecturers - A. A. Sabitova and Dyachuk M.I. showed a high level of professionalism, shared their practical experience, they accompanied their presentation materials with a detailed explanation of the applied procedural documents according to the stated topics.