"The Digital paradigm of modern science in the opinion of the young" International Scientific Conference

On April 12, 2018, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines Candidate of Legal Sciences Baimoldina Svetlana Malikovna spoke at the plenary session at the International Scientific Conference  "The  Digital paradigm of modern science in the  opinion of the young". 

Theme of the report: "Ensuring Information Security by Criminal Law Methods in the Republic of Kazakhstan". The conference is organized by the Chelyabinsk State University, venue: Kostanay.

Moderator: Tulegenova R.A. At this conference also acted: Akkuzhina BB, Labazov AS, Politov MS, Puzikov RV, Makanov Zh.K., Valeev GK, Medetov NA, Pritula R A.A., Shilov PO, Lyudovskikh AS, Pivovarov DN , Karaseva E.M. and others.

Also, a competition of student scientific works was held, awarding prizewinners.