Work with students at the Faculty of Law is carried out in the following areas: organizational and methodical work; civil-patriotic education; intellectual and cultural development; Formation of the spiritual and moral culture, the formation of tolerance and interethnic harmony; formation of immunity to destructive religious ideology; activities held in the Board; participation in sporting events, healthy lifestyle.

Organizational and methodical work:

Organization and holding of traditional university events: competitions "Er zhigit", "Kyz Zhibek", "Eurasia Dausy", "ENU-vision", "ENU-show", etc .; Holidays: University's birthday - Kultegin, initiation of freshmen to students, Viennese score, Student's Day, New Year's score, and other charity events. Carry out activities to ensure interaction of students with government bodies in the framework of consultative and advisory bodies to solve problems in the field of youth policy: informing, participating in elections, meetings, etc.

Ensuring the activities of student clubs and associations of interests that contribute to the professional and personal growth of students, the formation active citizenship. Carry out activities to develop volunteer activities with the goal of forming a charitable culture among students and employees: charitable actions, movements, activation of the volunteer club. Joint work with the trade union of students and undergraduates "Senim" to provide social support to students from socially unprotected strata. Carrying out a complex of measures for the organization of social and psychological support for students through the youth center "Daua".




Civil-patriotic education:

Participation in the implementation of socially significant projects on the spiritual and moral development of youth, the formation of patriotism, a healthy lifestyle, the institution of family and marriage, the prevention of violations, activities aimed at strengthening inter-ethnic harmony. Carry out activities to involve students in the implementation of socially significant projects, in conjunction with NGOs, to form patriotism and civic engagement of young people (seminars, trainings, events, conferences, meetings, round tables).

Carry out activities to involve students in the activities of youth organizations aimed at building an active civic position (meetings with public figures of the RK, veterans, round tables, trainings, etc.). Organization and holding of meetings, round tables, conferences at the university with the involvement of scientists, experts, politicians on issues of public, economic and political life of the country within the framework of the national idea " Мәңгілік ел ". Organization of lectures of academicians, well-known public figures of the country under the heading "Елдік дәрістер ".


Intellectual and cultural development:

Active participation in the republican, city tournaments "Jeti fry". The work of the research club "International lawyer's club". Participation in international and republican Olympiads.





Formation of spiritual and moral culture, formation of tolerance and interethnic accord:

Organization of meetings, demonstration speeches, presentations, actions, games, tournaments with outstanding public figures and cultural and sports figures of the RK, etc. Organization of meetings, lectures, meetings of "round tables" with the public political figures and representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia. A complex of events (meetings, lectures, curatorial hours) on the development of the Kazakh statehood and the unity of the people of Kazakhstan.



Formation of immunity to destructive religious ideology:

Organization and implementation of a set of measures to increase religious literacy among students: holding seminars, round tables, meetings, demonstration of films and video films, followed by their discussion. Organization and conducting of questioning. Organizing meetings with scholarly religious scholars.



Activities held in the SD:

Permanent work with students living in the SD. Conducting meetings with representatives of law enforcement agencies, scientists, artists. Joint celebrations of the holidays Kurban AYT New Year, Nauryz, March 8, etc.





Participation in sporting events, healthy lifestyles:

Participation in annual sporting events among faculty. Participation in annual sporting events among 1st year students for the rector's cup. Conducting a series of meetings with specialists from the Center for AIDS Prevention and Control, the Family Planning Center, the Maternity and Childhood Center for reproductive health, cancer, drug and venereal diseases, and others.