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About science at the Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law is currently one of the leading faculties of the Eurasian National University. LN Gumilyov (ENU), which occupies one of the leading places in the Kazakhstan ranking of leading universities. The basis of the scientific activity of the faculty is the innovative approach, the use of the latest achievements of the world and Kazakhstan legal science.

Formation of the faculty as one of the leading structural subdivisions of the higher educational institution of the international level entrusts the teaching staff (PPS) with practical tasks in conducting fundamental research in priority areas of the development of legal science. In this regard, the strategic direction of the research activity of the faculty is active participation in the study of the actual problems of fundamental science, as well as in the improvement of legislation for the successful implementation of priority directions of the industrial and innovation policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Law Faculty of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (hereinafter referred to as ENU) is a recognized center for the training of highly qualified lawyers and has started since 1998.

The scientific activity of the faculty is provided by an established creative scientific and educational environment, organically combining the educational and scientific activities of the faculty, consisting of 17 doctors of science, 24 candidates of science, 3 doctors of PhD.

At the faculty, an international scientific conference dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and an international scientific conference of students and young scientists dedicated to the Day of Science are held together with the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan every year.

The faculty of the faculty constantly participates in the competition of scientific grants for fundamental applied research.

So, the following 5 projects of grant financing of scientific research for 2018-2020 are currently being implemented in our faculties:

1. Analysis of the interaction of the UN treaty bodies with the OECD countries and the EAEU in order to adapt in Kazakhstan the international experience of fulfilling international legal obligations and preserving national specifics in the process of modernization of legislation.

The head of the research project is Abaideldinov E.M., Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of International Law.

2. Formation and strengthening in the Republic of Kazakhstan of the professional legal culture of public servants in the light of the modernization of public consciousness: historical-theoretical, regulatory and regulatory and practical aspects.

Leadership and scientific project - Abdrasulov E.B., Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law.

3. The contribution of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the improvement of the national and international legal regime of control over rocket technologies and the use of space technologies for peaceful purposes.

Management project - Kulikpayeva M.Zh., PhD, and. Assistant Professor of International Law.

4. Legal aspects of the transformation of universities into non-profit joint-stock companies in order to implement the Plan of the Nation.

Management project - Amandykova S.K., Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Constitutional Law.

5. Terrorism as a threat to national security: improvement of the criminal policy in the system of counteraction of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Research manager - Sembekova Bakitkul Raktaevna - Ph.D., professor of criminal law disciplines.

Every year dozens of widely popular monographs, textbooks and manuals, hundreds of scientific articles and other publications on topical issues of legal science and practice, some of them are exhibited at this exhibition, come from the pen of the PPS faculty.

The faculty of law prepares not only practicing lawyers, but also researchers. The dissertation council is working at the faculty: 6D 030100 - “Jurisprudence” and 6D 030200 - “International law” at the Eurasian National University. LN Gumilev, in which doctoral PhD dissertations are regularly defended.

Dissertation Council of the Faculty of Law of ENU starting from 2014 held more than 30 meetings where doctoral dissertations of 28 candidates for a PhD degree in law 6D030100 - Jurisprudence were reviewed, 28 of which received a positive decision from the dissertation council on the results of defense. dissertation research.

Doctoral students of the specialty international law defended their dissertations in the best universities of far abroad.

In the learning process, many students rush to research activities: they participate in conferences, write scientific papers, and participate in the activities of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the faculty. Then this scientific work can continue in the master's and doctoral studies.

Our students invariably become winners and prize-winners of various departmental, intercollegiate, republican and international scientific student contests and competitions.

The increasing publication activity of students is due to the active work of scientific circles in the departments, SSS and SMU faculty.

The Council of Young Scientists of the Faculty of Law was established in 2000 to unite and protect the interests of young scientists. Members of the Council are young teachers and doctoral students, as well as members of the faculty of the University at the age of 35 years.

The Council of Young Scientists (hereinafter - SMU) of the Faculty of Law is included in the Council of Young Scientists of ENU.

The composition of the SMU Law School of ENU for 2018-2019 pup. year is 10 people.

Young scientists of the Faculty of Law are directly involved in organizing and conducting scientific activities of the faculty.

The research work of SMU SF is carried out by teaching staff, doctoral PhD students and undergraduates within the department.

The members of the SMU law firm actively participate in the work of scientific circles of beginning scientists and talented students.

The faculty successfully operate 4 scientific circles.

Thus, the research activity of the faculty is aimed at further development of the faculty as one of the scientific and research structural divisions of the ENU.