International cooperation


To date, the LN Eurasian National University. Gumilyov is one of the multinational and many cultural universities. And for us, the preservation of multiculturalism, integration and multilingualism are among the core values.

 The university faces a mission: ensuring the internationalization of the university’s activities and increasing the awareness of ENU as a scientific and educational center of the Eurasian region in the global educational space by:

 1. Search, development and establishment of effective sustainable relations with leading universities of the world, scholarship programs, educational and scientific organizations;

 2. Search for new international programs, dissemination of information and consultations for students, teaching staff, employees of ENU;

 3. Ensuring the academic mobility of students, faculty, university staff, as well as attracting students from university partners for training at ENU, advisory and organizational assistance in the settlement, registration;

 4. Development of multilingual education at ENU;

 5. Development of double-diploma education;

 6. Recruitment of foreign citizens for training at ENU assistance in the filing of advisory and organizational applications, settlement, registration;

 7. Attraction of foreign specialists;

 8. Assistance in organizing the work of the university in consortia, international associations;

 9. Representations of ENU at international forums, educational fairs, etc.

 Faculty of Law of ENU. L.N. Gumilyov is actively working on the above areas in the development of international cooperation.

 The international cooperation of the faculty is based on more than one hundred (100) cooperation agreements with foreign universities, research centers and other scientific organizations of the European Union, America and Oceania, Asia and Africa, the CIS countries, international scientific and educational funds, embassies and representative offices in Kazakhstan. Among which are such leading universities in the world as Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, St. Petersburg State University, Tyumen State University, Siberian Federal University, North Caucasus Federal University, Altai State University, Belarusian State University, Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn, Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev, Baku State University, Istanbul University, Ankara University Hadji Bayram Veli, University of Warsaw, Wroclaw State University, Washington State University, China University of Political Science and Law, China People’s University, Vilnius University, Vitovt University, Padova University, Cordoba University and many others.

Undoubtedly, one of the achievements of the international cooperation of the faculty is the entry into the International Academy of Higher Education, the Eurasian Association of Universities and the Association of International Studies of the CIS and Baltic States, the International Association of Universities and the European Association of Higher Educational Institutions. Also since 2005, after being signed by the Rector of the University of Europe's Magna Charta Universities in Bologna (Italy), the faculty has reached a qualitatively new level of international cooperation.

 In the framework of international cooperation the teaching staff of the Faculty participated and actively participates in international scientific conferences and study tours conducted in the countries of near and far abroad. The teachers completed research internships in world educational and scientific centers of jurisprudence - Russia, Belarus, USA, China, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Holland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, etc.