Educational process

The faculty of law aims to become a base for development of the front-rank educational programs of higher school, higher professional legal education in a country.

An educational process on a faculty is successfully integrated in outer educational space in the Болонского user structure by means of forming of креативной teaching and student environment, creation of modern informatively-resource base, preparation of institution of higher learning textbooks of new generation.

Today new tasks, new horizons of development, stand before a facultyActivity of collective of teachers, scientists, докторантов, магистрантов and students is sent to continuous perfection of educational process, research activity, учебно-методической work, support of creative attitude toward the business.

An educational process on a faculty is sent to student at the centred educating, that consists in the grant of possibility to the students independently to choose a trajectory it to educating and list of the studied educational disciplines necessary to them for their further professional activity.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Law Faculty introduced experimental educational programs "Digital Forensic Science" and "Network Lawyer".